Студентська соціально-психологічна служба

International seminar in Poland


Location of the seminar: Piekary-Krakow (Poland)

Time: July


Coming of participants, hosting, lunch.

First meeting: expectations of members, introductions, presentation of projects and activity, common creating of plan points, games with participants (Team building activities).

-          Presentation of main lines of seminar for common proposals and discussion about something that participants want to add.

-          Discussion “How we can present results of seminar and what useful can we do?”

Free common evening.



- Freedom of borders

  • country borders as “Freedom of travelling and territory”
  • physical borders as “Freedom to do whatever you want or borders of our body and mind”
  • borders between different layers of society  (reach/poor, educated/no educated, natives/immigrants, different parts of the country, different minorities –religion, cultural, sexual minorities, freedom of love and feelings)

- Psychological training “Influence of society”

  • choosing future (freedom of choosing universities, working place, way of life and borders that country, culture, family, person create)
  • What can you do and what you can’t do! Discover your own borders!

- Psychological training “Can you do it?”

-Games and energizers during the day

- Watching movie “Imagine”(2012) with discussion afterwards.


-Intercultural evening. Presentation of your own country and yourself as representatives of your country (BE FREE IN EXPRESSION AND WAY OF PRESENTATION!)




Energizer games

- Politic and control

  • Democracy, Liberty, Republic
  • Is following of rules is good or bad? Do we need rules and/or control?
  • Control! Internet ! If Internet is a big freedom or a way of controlling and manipulation?
  • “The magic of the Crowd”.  The conscious of crowd. How free you are when you are a part of big group, a part of crowd?
  • How free are you really in your decision?
  • What kind of political system is the best for your opinion and what kind of political system could make general peace in all over the world?

- Work with expert (guest, who work in National Assembly in Paris)

- Psychological training “Utopia” ***


- Utopia – presentation

- Common movie evening (watching film “The Wave” with discussion after)


DAY 4 – out of Piekary day

Breakfast in Piekary

-          Gathering in meeting room – explaining the rules of city game and choosing the theme of discovering.

-          Going to Krakow.

-          City game.

Lunch in the city.

-          Quest- discovering (dividing into commands, discovering choosing subject in any way participants want – Participants choose one of proposing themes of seminar or propose their own theme)

-          Common gathering at the evening and way back to Piekary.

-          Working evening of preparation presentation of day-quest work.




Energizer games

- Presentation of Quest-materials.

- Freedom of art and expression

  • pictures
  •  literature (freedom of words)
  •  theater
  •  cinema
  • Sculptures and architecture
  • dance and so on
  • Taboo themes, how different kinds of art are existing and what problems they have in freedom of expression and dialogs with audience?
  • If art need to be totally free or it needs some control? If yes – who need to control it and how?

- Work with expert (Guest from Krakow, who work as theater critic and coordinator of modern performances in Poland)

- Country-presentation on the theme (art in your country)


-Visiting of theater (or dance modern performance) or cinema in Krakow.




Energizer games

- Freedom of humor

  • what you joked about
  • what is the specific features of humor in your country
  •  what about you are allowed to joke and what is forbidden
  • what taboo themes you have in your country and your cultures


- Preparation and Presentation of final results of seminar

-Discussion about feelings and wishes for all the participants.

- Training “Some words”


Common evening in Krakow




Leaving of participants.



Artists and photographers!
You are free to make any kind of art or picture, but we ask to pay attention to the following criterias (because for some it will be easier to have some benchmarks):
- Work shall relate to the topic of the seminar “BORN TO BE FREE”
- It must to be an author work (or indicating the co-authors)
- Send us a full name of the author, description of the technology and the short story of the main concepts, idea of your work (preferably in English)
- It would be good not to show open scenes of violence, propaganda, public advertising of products, communities or political parties
- It will be chosen 5 works (photos, drawings or graphics …) from each participants
- The work must be in good quality or in original (if the concept implies the idea of poor quality – it has to be described)

ALL WORKS PLEASE SENT TO  morrigan534@mail.ru WITH THE MARK “Exhibition”

All the questions please send to me in Kontakt or Facebook 



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